Setting up the Sparkassen-App
on your Android device

This chapter will give you a basic instruction on how to set up the  Sparkassen-App on your Android device.

In case you are using an android device, switch to the set up for the
 Sparkassen-App on Apple iOS.

Registration for online banking

Before installing the app, you have to log in on our website and follow these steps:

  • change the start PIN into a PIN that is known only to you
  • configure a username (optional)

We have compiled an aid for the initial setup in a detailed manual. 

Download the App from the Google Play Store and install it on your device

Open up the Google Play Store and look for the word „Sparkasse“or scan the QR code with your Android device and download the Sparkassen-App.

Open the app after the installation is completed.

Create a password for the Sparkassen-App

Now you should create your own password to protect your personal data. Use a secure password.

For a secure password, use:

  • with at least eight letters
  • a number (optional)
  • a special character (optional)
  • uppercase and lowercase letters (optional)

ATTENTION: This password has to be different to the one you are using for Online-Banking or pushTAN.  

The keyword allows you to open the "Sparkassen-App". Alternatively, you can use your fingerprint for the touch-ID.

Important: In the event of a password being lost, you need to uninstall the App and establish it new.

Confirm receiving push messages and location-based messages

To receive notifications from the app (for example,  Kontowecker) in form of pushTan-messages or location-based-messages, allow the app to send you information.

Therefor you just need to accept both dialogues.

Using Touch ID

You have the opportunity to log in to the “Sparkassen-App” with your fingerprint, as an alternative to type in the password.

Select "Rhön-Rennsteig-Sparkasse"

Type in our bank sort code 84050000, the BIC Code HELADEF1RRS or the name of the savings bank
„Rhön-Rennsteig-Sparkasse“ for the account setup.

After click on "Weiter" next.

Deposit your account in the app

Now press the button „add a new account“. In the following menu press the button „Bankkonto“.

For the next step, you need your online Online-Banking access data.

Login to Online-Banking

Insert your username and press the button „Weiter" continue.

(Instructions - How to set a login name)

Now enter the valid password to log in to Online-Banking and press the button „Ok“.


Account selection

Select the account you would like to manage via the app and press the button „Weiter" continue.

Online-Banking mit chipTAN with chipTAN

Confirm the information with „Ok“, afterwards click on „Weiter" done.  

We recommend not changing any settings.

In case you are using the Online-Banking mit pushTAN method instead of chipTAN, you will be able to see/ read „Online-Banking with pushTAN“.

Online-Banking mit pushTAN

Confirm the information with „Ok“, afterwards click on „Weiter" done.

We recommend not changing any settings.

In case you are using the Online-Banking mit chipTAN method as the TAN method, go back to the section „Online-Banking mit chipTAN“ and follow the instructions.

Function overview of the Sparkassen-App
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