Setting up the Sparkassen-App
on your Apple iOS device

This chapter will give you a basic instruction on how to set up the  Sparkassen-App on
your Apple iOS device.

In case you are using an android device, switch to the set up for the
 Sparkassen-App on Android.

Registration for online banking

Before installing the app, you have to log in on our website and follow these steps:

  • change the start PIN into a PIN that is known only to you
  • configure a username (optional)

We have compiled an aid for the initial setup in a detailed manual. 

Download the App from the app-store and install it on your device

Open up the app-store and look for the word „Sparkasse“or scan the QR code with your iOS device and download the Sparkassen-App.

Open the app after the installation is completed.

Create a password for the Sparkassen-App

Now you should create your own password to protect your personal data. Use a secure password.

For a secure password, use:

  • with at least eight letters
  • a number (optional)
  • a special character (optional)
  • uppercase and lowercase letters (optional)

ATTENTION: This password has to be different to the one you are using for Online-Banking or pushTAN.  

The keyword allows you to open the "Sparkassen-App". Alternatively, you can use your fingerprint for the touch-ID.

Important: In the event of a password being lost, you need to uninstall the App and establish it new.

Confirm receiving push messages and location-based messages

To receive notifications from the app (for example,  Kontowecker) in form of pushTan-messages or location-based-messages, allow the app to send you information.

Therefor you just need to accept both dialogues.

Using Touch ID

You have the opportunity to log in to the “Sparkassen-App” with your fingerprint, as an alternative to type in the password.

Select "Rhön-Rennsteig-Sparkasse"

Type in our bank sort code 84050000, the BIC Code HELADEF1RRS or the name of the savings bank
„Rhön-Rennsteig-Sparkasse“ for the account setup.

After click on "Weiter" next.

Deposit your account in the app

Now press the button „add a new account“. In the following menu press the button „Bankkonto“.

For the next step, you need your online Online-Banking access data.

Login to Online-Banking

Insert your username and press the button „Weiter" continue.

(Instructions - How to set a login name)

Now enter the valid password to log in to Online-Banking and press the button „Ok“.


Account selection

Select the account you would like to manage via the app and press the button „Weiter" continue.

Online-Banking mit chipTAN with chipTAN

Confirm the information with „Ok“, afterwards click on „Weiter" done.  

We recommend not changing any settings.

In case you are using the Online-Banking mit pushTAN method instead of chipTAN, you will be able to see/ read „Online-Banking with pushTAN“.

Online-Banking mit pushTAN

Confirm the information with „Ok“, afterwards click on „Weiter" done.

We recommend not changing any settings.

In case you are using the Online-Banking mit chipTAN method as the TAN method, go back to the section „Online-Banking mit chipTAN“ and follow the instructions.

Function overview of the Sparkassen-App
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